About Me

Dr. Meami Craig is a Harvard University educated and trained Change Your Life Consultant™. She provides services to improve life happiness in a variety of ways to individuals, couples, and groups.

She has over 35 years of professional experience, including giving on air radio advice for 17 years on WARM 101.3 FM radio with "Tony in the Morning", hosting "Change Your Life Radio" on WHAM and WYSL, presenting seminars on topics such as "Finding Your Unique Life's Purpose", "Why Wait on your Weight Loss?"' "Tips for True Happiness" and more. She is also experienced in doing Change Your Life Consulting™ for individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Craig has been active since very early in her career in advocating for special needs children, and in particular, helping people of all ages with ADD. Dr. Craig has been over the past 20 years, the author of numerous newspaper columns, magazine articles and blogs in the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester Women's Magazine, Her Magazine, Messenger Post Newspapers, and more.  

In addition to being a prominent Change Your Life Consultant™, as well as a longtime local media personality, she has worked successfully with a broad spectrum of clients on weight loss, grief, relationships, self-esteem, gender identity, family conflict, time management, career choice healing from sexual or other abuse, addiction recovery and family support, advocacy for special needs individuals of all ages, divorce, blended families, and so much more. 

Dr. Meami Craig is an interactive, solutions based consultant.  Her proven approach is to provide you with compassionate support in an atmosphere of total trust and complete confidentiality at all times.  

She listens deeply from her heart to yours, and then provides practical feedback and action steps to help you create true happiness, peace, and joy in your daily life no matter what the circumstances you face might be. She strives to teach her clients that although they cannot control what might happen to them in life, they certainly can control how they choose to react to anything at anytime!  

Using her keen, inborn intuition, combined with superb professional training, she offers a highly personalized approach tailored specifically to each individual client.  Dr. Craig will work diligently with you to identify your needs, build on your strengths, and achieve the personal growth you are committed to so that you can truly begin to change your life, starting right now today!  

You can view Dr. Craig's Education and Experience here.